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JIM CARROLL / The word / summons / to be bound / to cynicism / or elaborate expressions. / permutation / snakes through our lives / pasted / to seduce / to be / released, appropriately / unrelated / or something / lopsided / so that it can be / hard / and / warm / hope / from / your piece / to / please / to submit

This poem, published as "Valentine" in Void of Course (p. 99), was first published in 1996 in a limited edition "collection" called Valentine. The image shown here is a scan of the poem as it was published, on a 2-3/8" x 8-1/2" strip of blue paper.

This poem is constructed from words and phrases in the letter the publisher sent to him inviting him to submit a poem, as shown in a scan of the actual letter with Carroll's instructions written on it.

The scan was originally found at


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