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Void of Course: Poems 1994-1997

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Void of Course by Jim Carroll Void of Course
Published: October 1998
By: Jim Carroll
Publisher: Penguin Poets
Length: 113 pages\

Cover design: Gail Belenson
Cover photograph: Joshua Sheldon

Dedicated "to Laura," this book contains 75 new poems, most of which are titled "Poem."


  • "Void of course" is a term from astrology referring to a time when the moon is in between zodiac signs. Projects begun with the moon "void of course" will either remain unfinished or fail to produce the desired results.
  • Carroll was born under a void of course moon.
  • This is the first book Carroll wrote using a computer.
  • In the cover photograph, Carroll is sitting on the dock where the survivors of the Titanic landed.
  • Laura, to whom the book is dedicated, designed the River Jordan broadside.


  • 8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain
  • Facts
  • The Bakery
  • The Child Within
  • Train Surfing
  • Goethe's Early Garden
  • Zeno's Law of High-Heel Shoes
  • Jukebox
  • Sick Bird
  • Spy
  • Bad Intentions
  • Insomnia
  • Radiation
  • While She's Gone
  • Lines
  • My Father's Last Words
  • Translating
  • What Burroughs Told Me
  • For Virginia
  • Easter Sunday
  • Flash Flood
  • Specific Instances
  • Ecology
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Locked Wing
  • The Big Ambulance
  • The Ocean Below
  • Note
  • A Plea
  • Dance Floor
  • Note
  • Long Distance
  • Native Moon
  • The Black Rose
  • Valentine
  • Franz Kline's Old Studio
  • Grains of Sand
  • 1957 (Hurricane)
  • Film
  • Message Left on a Phone Machine


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