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The Basketball Diaries film

Updated 22 August 2009

These pages offer reviews and commentary of Scott Kalvert's The Basketball Diaries, a film based upon Jim Carroll's autobiographical book of the same title. Because the film is at best tangential to Jim Carroll's work and biography, what you will find here is not especially praiseful of the film. Leonardo DiCaprio is a wonderful actor, but these pages are not going to discuss DiCaprio's work or talent. If you are a die-hard DiCaprio fan looking for effusively positive reviews of his work, go to the beautifully-done Official Leonardo DiCaprio Website or the Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Website.

Scene-by-Scene Guide
Compares each scene in the film to entries in the book.

Jim Carroll's Comments
Carroll offered comments on the film following a spoken-word performance in 1996.

Problems with the Film
Cassie Carter points out the many biographical inaccuracies in the film.

Another Fan's Perspective
Robin Ladrach reviews the film.

The Book
Information about Jim Carroll's book, The Basketball Diaries

Controversies Surrounding the Book and Film
Articles, discussion, and links concerning the shootings in Kentucky and Colorado and other controversies.


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