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Film and Book Blamed for Colorado Shootings


Carroll's interview on NBC's Today show (5/6/99)

Carroll's appearance on Politically Incorrect (6/8/99) Complete transcript

Linking of 'Basketball Diaries,' Columbine Shootings Upsets Author (5/6/99)
By Nick Carter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Columbine: Whose Fault Is It? (May 1999)
by Marilyn Manson, Rolling Stone

Jim Carroll Website Editorial (May 1999)
by Cassie Carter, webmaster

Violent video recalled by MGM (April 1999)
By Jamie Portman, Calgary Herald

Making Media a Familiar Scapegoat (April 1999)
By Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times

Conventional Wisdom on Littleton Falls Short (May 1999)
Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times

Film Blamed for Paducah Shootings

"Film May Have Fueled Kentucky Rampage" (December 1997)
from Reuters Limited

Parents Blame Shooting on Hollywood (April 1999)
By James Prichard, Associated Press

Book Banned in Georgia

"Book Ban Rare Victory for Conservatives" (6/14/98)
from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Book-Banning Vote Not Likely Until August" (7/14/98)
from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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