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Music: Covers & Tributes

Updated 10 August 2009

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Put Your Tongue to the Rail
Put Your Tongue to the Rail: The Philly Comp for Catholic Children
Released: 1999
By: Various Artists
Label: Genus Records
Genre: Music

This two-cd tribute features more than two dozen artists from Philadelphia covering 25 Jim Carroll Band songs. More info >>

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Viva Zapata
Viva Zapata!
Released: 1994
By: Seven Year Bitch
Label: C/Z
Genre: Music

Includes a cover of The Jim Carroll Band's "It's Too Late."

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Rihanna by Mike Macharyas
Released: 2006
By: Mike Macharyas
Label: NNMaddox 14mercy
Genre: Music (?)

Features the song (?) "Jim Carroll," which is a sort of techno loop with the name "Jim Carroll" repeated over and over. (Apparently each song on the album follows a similar formula...)

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Heath  Street
Heath Street
Released: 2007
By: Heath Street
Label: Heath Street
Genre: Music

Includes "Song for Jim Carroll."

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