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Put Your Tongue to the Rail

The Philly Comp for Catholic Children

Put Your Tongue to the Rail
Put Your Tongue to the Rail is a two-cd tribute to the Jim Carroll Band featuring more than two dozen artists from Philadelphia. Stylistically it touches on punk, post punk funk, traditional american guitar rock, garage/psychedelia, singer/songwriter stylings, eastern european folk music, stadium rock, homocore-cabaret, country, and free jazz.

The project began as a multi-band "tribute" concert in Philadelphia in September of 1996, organized by Mike Villers. The concert generated so much excitement, Mike decided to do an album that would showcase local talent while also demonstrating the power of the Jim Carroll Band's songs. He rounded up the best bands in Philly and embarked upon what became a three -year project and a two-CD set that includes covers of almost all of the Jim Carroll Band's songs! Jim Carroll Band bassist Stevie Linsley even came onboard at the end to master the album with Mike.

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Genus Records: album details, audio clips, etc.

Review: a full-length review of the album.

Interview with Mike Villers, the man responsible for this album!

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Sound Clips

Nothing is True
Mae Pang

It's Too Late
Psyclone Rangers

Three Sisters

People Who Died
Bootleg Thorazine Nightmare

Catholic Boy

City Drops Into the Night
Stomaboy w/ Marrow

I Want the Angel
Jen Hess & Hotch

Day and Night

Differing Touch

Del Pez

Plain Division
Mia Johnson & Hoagy

Wicked Gravity
Sensitive Pricks

Dawn Morpurgo w/ New Ghost

Dry Dreams

Dance the Night Away

Hold Back the Dream
The Subverts

Black Romance

I Write Your Name
The Last Match

The 440's

Freddy's Store

Low Rider
Maria Nicgorski w/ Ty Cobb

Jealous Twin
The Keepsakes

Brother JT

Still Life
Burn Witch Burn

No More Luxuries
Adam Brodsky


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