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4 Upsand 1 Down

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4 Ups and 1 Down by Jim Carroll

4 Ups and 1 Down
Published: 1970
Jim Carroll
Publisher: Angel Hair Press (300 copies printed)
Cover Design: Donna Dennis

Limited Edition: 300 copies, with 13 numbered copies.

Five poems in an eight-page, photocopied pamphlet. This is Carroll's second "book," an eight-page, limited edition (300 copies) photocopied pamphlet (8.5" x 11"). Includes "Blue Poles," "Love Rockets," "Styro," "Poem on My Son's Birthday," and "To a Poetess." All are reprinted in Living at the Movies.

There were 13 special copies, numbered 1-13, each with a piece of hair and signatures of the author and artist.

If you have one of the 13 numbered copies, please email me. I'd like to know where they are!

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