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River Jordan

River Jordan by Jim Carroll
In 2001, was honored to offer "River Jordan" as an exclusive, limited edition broadside (poster).

The text of the poem is set by hand using a manual printing press, with brown ink on fine sepia-colored paper (approx. 8.5"x15"). The poem is illustrated with a hand-set linoleum cut drawing in blue ink. Note: color variations in the images below are the result of variations in lighting.

This broadside comes straight from Jim Carroll himself (rather than through a publisher), and it is limited to 151 copies total. Of these, 75 are numbered and signed by Jim Carroll; all of the numbered/signed copies have been sold.

The 75 unnumbered broadsides include 40 unsigned copies and 35 signed copies.

One copy of the broadside was handwritten and signed by Jim Carroll.



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