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Jim Carroll

Future Pop: Music for the Eighties
Jim Carroll

"I became close friends with John Belushi just a couple of years before he passed away. Y'know, it was funny, he really hated the image of being adored by fraternities. He was absolutely crazy. He was always looking for the outrageous, the extreme. He loved to test people's balls--see how gullible people really were. It's kind of ironic now, but he used to have a strong liking for a song that I wrote on the Catholic Boy album. It was called People Who Died. When he used to listen to it he would virtually freak out on the spot. I mean, he loved it. He used to make a point of dropping by at our rehearsals just so that he could play it on the drums.

"Now I've added a new verse to the song which is dedicated to John. I guess I'm probably going to think about him every time I play that song. Yeah, he was a friend of mine."

Thanks to Maria Cipriano for this source!


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