Living at the Movies

First Edition, Grossman (1973)

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Living at the Movies
Grossman First Edition, 1973

Living at the Movies
First Edition
Published: 1973
Jim Carroll
Publishers: Grossman
Length: 100 pages.
Format: hardcover and paperback
Cover design: Larry Rivers (See Wikipedia article)

The most remarkable thing about the first edition of Living at the Movies is the cover art by well-known painter Larry Rivers, a close friend of Carroll's. You will find Jim himself at the bottom of the back cover. (There's a red arrow in the lower right corner pointing to him, part of the original art.)

This book was issued in both hardcover and paperback editions. The images shown here are of the paperback edition. The hardback does not have Grossman's address or the $4.50 price on the back cover.

The Grossman edition is dedicated "To Devereaux," who is "Deborah Duckster" in The Basketball Diaries and Forced Entries. (The second edition has neither the dedication nor the Rivers cover.)

Thanks to John Dinsmore for lending me these two books!

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