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Jim Carroll at Lion's Lair

Denver, CO, 20 August 2002

I just wanted to add a brief comment from someone who knew/knows little of Mr. Carroll. My friend and I bought tickets and attended this performance on a whim. The most we really knew of him was the interviews he'd done for the Rock 'n' Roll Heart bio on Lou Reed.

We had to see this guy talk for more than those brief scenes. We were certainly glad we did. Front row, right by the stage. I'd never seen anything like it. His reading was beyond captivating; it was enslaving. I couldn't be bothered to even get up and walk 10 feet away to buy another drink. I didn't even know the material, but it didn't really matter.

I remember bits and pieces of the readings themselves and remember the way he delivered them. However, the real key moment for me that night was when he finished his set. Everyone began clapping and shouting, "Encore, encore." Heading for the back door, with his water bottle, books and notebooks in hand, he growled, "That was the fucking encore," and he left. No coming back and gleefully succumbing to the crowd's request.

He was done. He was ready to leave and he left. Take that!

I loved it!


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