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I Write Your Name

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I Write Your Name


Love Crimes
(No More) Luxuries
Sweet Jane (by Lou Reed)
Hold Back the Dream
Freddy's Store
Black Romance
I Write Your Name
Low Rider
Dance the Night Away

Liner Notes

This Album is dedicated to the memories of Ted Berrigan (1934-1983) and Brian Marnell (1954-1983).

Lenny Kaye: Guitar
Steve Linsley: Bass
Jim Carroll: Vocals
Paul Sanchez: Guitar
Wayne Woods: Drums
Brian Marnell: Guitar
Kinny Landrum: Keyboards
Will Lee: Additional bass
Michael Caravello: Congas, percussion
Background vocals: Brian Marnell, Lenny Kaye, Sarah Birdseye, Gwynne Rivers, Valerie Block, Suzanne del Regno, Anne Waldman, Wayne Woods

Recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York Engineering: Gene Paul and Dan Nash
Mastered at Atlantic Studios by George Piros
Mixed at Atlantic Studios and The Record Plant Mixed by Jon Mathias
Cover photos: Curtis Knapp Design: Lynn Dreese Breslin


Special Thanks to Suzanne del Regno and Rosemary


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