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Basketball Diary

Spanish translation of The Basketball Diaries

Spanish translation of The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll


Esta noche, estoy subiendo a la zona con el tren "A" de Harlem. Está la tía esa, el tipo auténtico de azafata-secretaria, sentada con las piernas tan generosamente abiertas que veo sus bragas azul claro... Acabo por levantarme, voy hacia ella, y le ruego que, por favor, cierre sus piernas, diciéndole que apenas tengo quince años y que me está confundiendo y que aquello es una guarrada, francamente.

From The Basketball Diaries, Penguin Edition (1987), pages 106-107.

Summer 1965

I'm riding uptown on the "A" train tonight , half on the nod and half trying to read a sports magazine. There's this chick that gets on at 175th St., a real secretary-stewardess type with big tits and the beehive hair job. She's right across the way from me, hardly any people on the car, and here she is tossing this spread toward me so wide I can see her powder blue panties. What do these faces want out of me, an athletic youth trying to enjoy a nice heroin head and harmless magazine? Finally I got up and went over to her and asked her if she could please close her legs. I'm barely fifteen years old and it's distracting and, frankly, lewd. Then I went over and sat down again.

Note: the translated excerpt omits many details of this passage. I found the exerpt here and don't know how reliable the source is. --Webmaster


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