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Artwork, Autographs, & Artifacts

Updated 10 January 2009

 Photo of Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould, 1963 as described in "The Loss of American Innocence" on Praying Mantis.

 "Bobby Sachs": "Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old . . ."

Program from Snows by Carolee Schneeman, 1967 (Carroll is listed as a "roustabout")

List of Names Carroll Developed for Warhol's Play Pork, ca. 1969 as described in "A New Job " in Forced Entries.


 Drawing by Jim Carroll on a flyer from a 1980s reading in San Francisco, 30 November 1998 (now published in The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry).

 Caricature of Carroll by Cassie Carter, 1998

 Another Caricature of Carroll from FishWrap Live (UC Santa Cruz), 25 November 1998

 Painting of Carroll by Ann Mikolowski

 Drawing of Carroll by Patti Smith from Sweet Potato, 1980

 "Cruiser" comic strip from Playboy, 1981

Poster from the Columbus Theater (Providence, RI) found on eBay . . . This was a handpulled edition of only 25 prints by Providence artist Cardoso

DeKooning: The Door to the River painting referred to in "City Drops Into the Night" NEEDS PAGE


 T-shirts and buttons

 Ticket Stubs

 Promotional poster belonging to Dan Bober, from a reading at Portland State University.

 Promotional poster from a reading in Columbus, OH, 8 November 1997.

 "Work Not Play" / "Rooms" poster

 Promotional Banner from The Skinny (Portland, ME, July 2001)

Pamphlet: Jim Carroll at Mass Art (5 September 1998)
    Inside of Mass Art pamphlet


 Jim Carroll reviews The Basketball Diaries, handwritten on a pass-it-around copy of the book, 1999.

 An especially interesting autograph, referring to "Deborah Duckster." To view the original source, click here.

 Autographed poster belonging to Larry Deal, from a reading in Seattle, WA 9/10/96

 Autographed Catholic Boy CD belonging to Jim Dunne. (Signed at Carroll/DiCaprio signing at Tower Books in NYC, 1995.)

Misc. Interesting Stuff

 Jim Carroll's New York City: maps with photos and descriptions of significant Jim Carroll locations in Manhattan.

Wicked Gravity sailboat: "sea tow" card (from Lawrence Lappin) NEEDS PAGE

 Jim Carroll Scholars (1996)

Ted Berrigan in front of Gem Spa, 1971

I have a lot more of this sort of stuff. If you like what you see here, email me and encourage me to add more to this page!


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