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Fear of Dreaming

The Selected Poems of Jim Carroll
First Edition, 1993

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Cover Art
Fear of Dreaming
First Edition, 1993
Jim Carroll
Publisher: Penguin Poets
Length: 273 pages
Cover design: Bruce Licher at Independent Project Press

Fear of Dreaming collects all of Carroll's poems from Living at the Movies and most of The Book of Nods. While some of the poems originally published in TheBook of Nods are not included in Fear of Dreaming, one of the "New YorkCity Variations" originally left out of The Book of Nods can be found on page191 of Fear of Dreaming; this piece was originally published in Paris Review in 1985. In addition, the final section of the book, "New Work 1989-1993,"offers fifteen new poems and prose works. Among these are the short story "Curtis'sCharm" (which first appeared in Paris Review in 1993 and was adapted to film in 1996 by Canadian director John L'Ecuyer), and the poems "Fear of Dreaming," "Praying Mantis," and "To theNational Endowment for the Arts."

Note that the second edition contains some important changes. Be sure to look at the details on the second edition.

Fear of Dreaming does not collect the poems from Carroll's first book, OrganicTrains, and it also excludes the following from The Book of Nods:

From "California Variations"
Works from pages 91 and 93-111
(Note: Three "California Variations" are included included in the "New York City Variations" section of Fear of Dreaming; these are on pages 192-194.)

From "Poems 1973-1985"
"Wedding in White" (BN 126)
"Ghost Town" (BN 128)
"Bad Signs" (BN 130)
"Poem" (BN 132)
"Rites of Arctic Passage" (BN 135)
"Suspicions" (BN 139)
"Sophia" (BN 142)
"Borders" (BN 149)
"The Novena Tide" (BN 150)
"Letter to Sister" (BN 153)
"This Spanish Town" (BN 159)

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