Friends and Influences
Allen Ginsberg

Carroll met Ginsberg at around age 15-17; he would track Ginsberg down at protest rallies and they would hang out together. They became close friends, and Ginsberg is featured prominently in Forced Entries. A Naropa Institute Archive recording of Carroll's 1986 spoken-word performance at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO, (run by Ginsberg and Anne Waldman) has Ginsberg introducing Carroll.


Allen Ginsberg
1994 JoAnn Verburg


This is amusing because Carroll reads "The Poet and the Vibrator," from Forced Entries, a piece about Ginsberg and a ferocious vibrator. . . Carroll has also taught writing workshops at Naropa and occasionally performed with Ginsberg. Ginsberg appears, along with Carroll and others, in the films Poetry in Motion and Gang of Souls, and on Giorno Poetry Systems's spoken-word albums The Dial-A-Poem Poets, Disconnected, and You’re a Hook: The 15 Year Anniversary of Dial-A-Poem.

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